Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Boromite spank

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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite
Flux Flos

Commander Kaal didn’t feel comfortable in the new command crawler. He allready misses the old tiny protection shell of the battle suit. Now he was in the open and very vulnerable.
He looked at the projection images from the scouting flitters. No sign of the enemy yet.
He shouted an order and the crawler moves. In his comlog he hear voices of his troops confirming the given order.
Kaal was on his way. Ready for battle. He look up. A small winged creature flew overhead. Kaal smiled.

The ruins of the builders emerged in the landscape like broken teeth. Warning lights flickered in the projection screen.
A loud voice sounds in his comlog. Sir, enemy contact.
This time Kaal had a big grin… At last…

Outcast Fire back at the Boromite gangers. Inflicting two kills. Lost three outcast.
Ghar Assault squad killed one crewmember light support. Command crawler killed the Xlauncher. Revanche for Kaal.
Battle suits assault a workgang and won.
The same suits knocked the overseer out with blast. Killed the remain squad members.
Total victory for Kaal. 5 boromite units destroyed.

Ghar Empire

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