Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Every shot a miss!

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VS Ghar Empire

“A Sandstorm is to come. The Desert plays games with the Pan Humans.” Son su Karr thought about the coming hours. It was his second Operation, since he was ordered to command a bunch of Squads. It was an Honour for the young Vektor and the Moch Karr would be proud if he would move on like this. Maybe this was the only option to become an Optimate one day.
The Sand crackled on the Reflexarmours, when the Scouts reported the first contact. Son su was not sure, if the Storm was an advantage for his Squads. He ordered them to go in cover, awaiting the first Battlesuits.
There were schemes far away and he wasn’t sure, if these were Rocks or the old wavering machines, which long for there lifes.
In his Excitment he gave the fire command and the first projectiles searched their way through this Storm.
It seemed that it was impossible to hit anything because of the terrible sight, but after a few moments Son su Karr noticed two fireballs many meters away.
That was the Moment, when the Ghar answered with these heavy Shockcannons. he got to know them in his first Battles as a recruit. He knew the best way to cope with this was to keep your head down.
So did his men.
Two young Soldiers reacted too late. Their bodys twichted covered with lightnings for a few moments, before they remained lying motionless.
The Algoryn increased their firerate. They wouldn’t give their Position to these bloodthirsty Ghar.
Suddenly the Battlesuits turned around and moved away. Not too fast in view of the knowledge that their armours would’t let through another projectile.
Son su Karr wasn´t sure about this action. Maybe the sand blocked the joints of these old fashioned warmachines. For this moment he and his men had fulfilled their orders.
But Son su Karr knew they would return. Maybe when the Storm becomes quiet.

I tried to report you about my second game in a narrative style. Again im sorry for my english.
In this Battle we were not able to eliminate a lot of models. In the beginning my Algory killed a Battlesuit and an Assault suit. In the later game my oponent killed two members of an AI Squad. Both me and my oponent had to give a lot of down orders. It was an interesting and very defensive Game. The Algoryn barely won with a view points.

UPDATE: I noticed that I did an mistake. I thought you’ll receive winnigpoints for every eliminated miniature. But the rulebook says, that you’ll receive Points only for complete destroyed squads. In this Situation me and my oponent didn’t kill any squad and we have to change the result in:DRAW
I’m sorry for that!
Besides that there were a few other mistakes, but it was my second match and i’ll work on this.


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