Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ghar? On XILOS?

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

With Ipsimus scouts roaming nearly free across the surface of Xilos after numerous encounters with Concord forces, the Vardosi had nearly begun to disbelieve the reports of heavy Ghar entrenchment.

Having broken the back of the C3 military in their area, however, they finally encountered a small force of Ghar imperial forces while on a routine patrol.

This was a 750 pt game played primarily as an intro for a new player, basic deployment, kill all the enemies scenario, 4×4 table.



The Freeborn were forced to deploy their forces early, taking up defensive postures with support teams and positioning infantry in place to quickly charge forward and take the fight to the wretched Ghar.


Turn I:

Again being forced to take the initiative, several Freeborn meat puppet squads and Domari took up defensive postures in nearby dense jungle.

Before being able to fire, a lucky shot from an outcast Disruptor cannon from across the field utterly annihilated one Light Mag Support team, putting the Vardosi on the back foot almost immediately as the Ghar moved forward, positioned to strike.


Turn II:

The field became a maelstrom of disruptor fire as Domari and meat puppets opened fire, their mag guns mostly deflecting off the armor of heavy Ghar Battlesuits. They were ordered to focus fire on Battle Suits with plasma pistols in hopes of landing pins while the Vardanari moved forward to contribute their own heavier strike values.

One Domari squad picked out a group of Attack Scutters that they would focus fire on for the duration of the game in an attempt to keep their disruptors out of the fight.

Early losses were heavy, with a feral meat puppet squad killed down to a man by combined outcast fire and disruptor shots.

The Freeborn X-Launcher began landing pins on the battle suits as they nearly rounded the hill in the center, bogging them down and starting to force recovery tests.


Turn III:

Several failed recovery tests and a bad distortion die draw saw the Ghar bogged down even as they had begun to really punish the lightly armed and armored Freeborn.

The tide began to turn as pins added up, the X-Launcher contributing another net shot as 1 pt plasma pistols showed their value, reducing a battle suit squad to one member as mag guns were focused on targets they could do the most damage to, pinning attack scutters in the open.


Turn IV:

Desperate for victory, Ghar outcasts began to charge forward infantry squads, one of whom was able to escape with a sprint into cover.

The second squad was not so fortunate, as the outcasts were able to charge an impressive 20″ and catch them, initiating what can only be described as an absurdly prolonged tooth-and-nail fight that nearly annihilated the feral meat puppets. Their Soma Grafts paid for themselves, keeping them in the fight long enough to strangle the last outcast to death with their bare hands.


With the majority of their forces finally lost to break tests, the Ghar patrol was broken.

The Vardosi had their first taste of battle with the hateful, degenerate Ghar, and their elation at numerous victories over the weak Concord suddenly soured slightly as they began to realize that future battles would not be so easy.

Future Ipsimus patrols have been ordered to carry heavier ordnance, more plasma weapony, and mag cannons on a regular basis.


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