Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Isorians Landing

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VS Isorian

While much has been written about Drone Commander Xan Tu’s exploits on Xilos, it is seldom mentioned that there were in fact three different Isorian cruisers that traveled back in time to stop the destruction of Xilos. The most famous, of course, was Xan Tu’s cruiser. But Xan Tu was only sent back after, in a rush when the destruction was first detected, Commander K’al Xon’s cruiser was sent back to stop the conflict from developing. Little is known of the third cruiser, but it is rumoured that the third cruiser was sent far later, in order to stop Command K’al Xon from proceeding with his mission.

Regardless of where the third ship came from, the result was that Commander K’al Xon faced an Isorian ambush. It is unclear whether they were warped by the time travel, or the third ships IMtel had been somehow modified, but the two Isorian shards were incompatible, and opened fire on each other.

K’al Xon was surprised by the attack, but quickly turned the tides on his foes following a lucky shot by his X-launcher team on the enemy sniper.

The phase squads exchanged fire with one another to little effect, but repeated hits with net ammo by K’Al Xon’s X-launcher team that sent his foes back to the tree line. Meanwhile, the phase sniper was unable to cause significant damage with it’s shots – either being pinned down and failing to shoot, or scarcely getting off any shots when it did shoot.

The foes fled back beyond the treeline to regroup, but allowed K’Al Xon’s command squad, a supporting phase squad, and the X-launcher to set up in ambush covering the right side of the battlefield..

An ambush shot from the X-launcher to an enemy phase squad threatening K’Al Xon’s flank netted down the threat, and allowed K’Al Xon to press the attack.

Although K’al Xon’s forces had not yet destroyed any enemy units, the enemy was boxed in and pinned down to such an extent that their commander called for a retreat, thinking it better to maintain their forces on the surface of Xilos.


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