Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Drop Zone Disaster

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Gordons Boromites
VS Ghar Empire
Jack the Ghar

Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin sent down a skirmish force to investigate the Planet Xilos and destroy the Ghar’s generator station. The Ghar knew we were coming and proceeded to shot down 7 out of 15 drop capsules. The failure to protect our classified information resulted in the death of several great Boromites which included the Boromite Overseer Squad, Lavamites, and a Work Gang Squad with a Vorpal charge. Those responsible will pay! Despite these catastrophic losses it was determined that there was still a chance for victory. So, the remaining Boromites pressed forward with the assault. Things turned around when a Boromite Work Gang with a Vorpal charge was able to sneak behind a Ghar battle squad that was trying to reinforce the Ghar defending the generator station. It came down to the” first order out of the bag” situation the following turn and despite the Ghar using a block on the first attempt the Boromites won the battle and immediately fired the vorpal change which killed the leader of the Ghar battle squad. Then the Mass Compactors followed up from short range and hit the remaining 2 Ghar suits with 4 hits. This resulted in a 10 being rolled on each Ghar battle suit, destroying the entire squad in the blink of an eye. Later on when the Boromite plasma light support took out the Outcast Leader and its Cannon, the Boromites reached their peak. After which the Boromites were forced to retreat before the entire skirmish force was wiped off the planet Xilos. We will find the traitor among us.

Ghar Empire
Jack the Ghar

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