Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Drop Capsule Annihilation

View Linked Report - Click Here Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Ghar Empire
Jack the Ghar
VS Boromite
Gordons Boromites

High Commander Karg sent us intercepted Boromite Intelligence which provided the location and time that the lowly Boromites would be attempting to land on Xilos. The Ghar were ready and proceeded to take out 7 of their 15 drop capsules. This included gunning down 5 of them on the Initial decent. The remaining Boromites foolishly attempted to proceed with the mission and were easily shoved aside. The Ghar battle squad #1 that was initially deployed took out a Boromite squad in 2 rounds of rapid firing. Our only casualties were an over eager battle squad, an outcast cannon, and a few outcast which are easily replaceable. Ghar battle squad #2 came from the east side of the battlefield and was almost immediately eliminated by enemy forces. A vorpal charge took out the leader and the remaining troops were gunned down by a close range volley of Mass Compactor shots. After this ambush, the Boromites were able to secure both the east and west sides that surrounded the generator station. Regardless, our defense overcame the assault and prevented our enemies from capturing and destroying our generator station. Long live High Commander Karg!

Ghar Empire
Jack the Ghar

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