Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Tastes like silicate chicken

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Isorian
Graham the woefully unlucky

I doubt I’ll ever have a game go like this again. My usually terrible luck with dice enjoyed a complete reversal while my unfortunate opponent couldn’t roll for toffee.

The game began with the Isorians taking up defensive positions behind several walls and ruins, a phase squad taking position on one flank with a phase sniper covering the other. My Boromites advanced onto the board using a thin belt of scrub woodland to screen themselves from too much enemy fire. This didn’t stop a squad of gangers from being netted with 4 pins from a lucky scattering X-launcher shot.

This is where my opponent’s luck for the game ends… After pulling the first dice of the turn, my Lavamites (who had used the last dice of the previous turn) rolled a 1 for their agility test and promptly charged the nearest phase squad. All but one of their reaction shots missed and the one that did hit only succeeded in annoying one of the little beasts. What followed was a hideous tableau of lava vom and munchies as the phase squad was effortlessly annihilated. To gain a small measure of retribution for this disgusting act, the Isorian sniper lined up her rifle… and missed every one of her shots at the mites which, full of tasty bio-silicate armour, had regrouped on the opposite side of the very same wall their prey had been sheltering behind for a bit of a digest.

Impressed by the power of the net ammunition which had caught the gangers in the previous turn, the Boromite X-launcher team decided to have a go themselves laying the maximum number of pins on an advancing Tsan-Ra unit. Ensconced in the central copse, Arran Gestalin and her gun drones picked off two of the beleaguered Tsan- Ra which unfortunately drew a lot of attention from what remained of the Isorian forces. Shot after shot thumped into her position and despite losing her attendant male, she shrugged off every single one. Meanwhile the Tsan-Ra attempted to pull themselves together, rallying a paltry couple of pins. My X-launcher landed a scramble charge with pinpoint accuracy directly on top of the position containing the Isorian’s command squad and sniper, severely hampering their ability to influence the fight.

Obviously ready for seconds, the Lavamites kicked off turn three by charging a second unit of phase troopers. The poor Isorians were obviously too busy wetting themselves in terror as they rolled a 10 for their reaction. Omnomnomnomnom!!! The nearby Tsan-Ra managed to overcome their pins and pick off the Lavamite’s handler. Gestalin decided to sprint over so she was close enough to wave her Extasor, reminding them that it could quite easily be switched back to Mite setting if they were thinking about slacking off now their handler was gone. At this point a unit of Rockriders, which had spent the previous two turns wheeling into position, thundered into the phase sniper’s hidey hole. To her credit she did succeed in popping off one of the Boromites with her pistol before she became Locomite chow.

With all the remaining fire of the turn directed at Gestalin who again passed every save she was called to make my opponent gave up the will to live and conceded the field in despair.

After the first fluke roll of the game involving the sprinting Lavamites, I decided to use the same dice for all the crucial rolls of the game. Every single time, Dicey McDiceface as he shall now be known, did me proud by rolling either a 1 or 2 when I needed them or giving my opponent more 0s than anyone should have to suffer in one lifetime. He has been formally adopted into Clan Gestalin and his exploits will be forever remembered with gratitude.


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