Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Kick them when their down!

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Ghar Outcast Rebels
Maye Gelt
VS Isorian
Graham the woefully unlucky

Maye’s Rebels had been given an order from one of Fartok’s subordinates to track down an Isorian signal coming from the middle of the desert. The Tectorists were sweeping forward ahead of the main Ghar force, following the signal like a bloodhound. Getting close Maye saw some nearly erected buildings and crates full of supplies to finish whatever it was they were constructing in the middle of the area. The patrolling scouts around the edge of the encampment had been quick to take down, and it seemed that no signal had got back to their base camp to alert them to the danger now bearing down on them. A thought came to Maye who quickly informed his men on the plan and several squads sepperated from the main squad and moved around to the Western and Northern edge of the camp. The main force would approach from the South.

Turn 1
The Tectorists run on from the Southern edge take cover near the buildings and inside an empty crate.
Having spotted movement from the south several units of Isorians pull their weapons and prepare to ambush anyone who would approach. This going on while still completing the Orbital Transmat, it was now 3/10s of the way to completion. It would not take long at this rate before they could bring down more reinforcements.
Suddenly a unit of Black Guard dashed from the Western edge of the battlefield and launched an opening salvo at the unit of Tsan Ra (taking a pin) while the Plasma Lance takes aim at the Sniper killing his shield drone. However the sniper takes aim back at the Black Guard and kills the Plasma Lance and Leader and another Blackguard in the squad.
West guard shoots Tsan Ra, causes a pin. Launcher drifts wide but still hits, lance shoots sniper and hits. Sniper reacts and kills 3 including lance and leader.
The Northern Isorian squad also open fire on the same Black Guard and cause multiple hits, but their armour prevents the damage, but still makes them nervous about the upcoming fight as they had just lost half their number.
Reinforcements from the South rush in and try to take cover behind some barrels, but are ambushed by the Isorians to the south and the Guard with the Lance dies.
Maye’s Command Squad comes in from the south with a volley of fire, Shoots Tsan Ra, killing their spotter drone and hitting their leader (2 resist rolls of 0s for the leader). Those the Tsan Ra fire back, but fail to cause any damage. Seeing an advantage the squad run in to the middle, ready for combat, and luckily for them the Plasma Amplifier continues to function.

Turn 2
Seeing the enemy coming to destroy their relay before it can be activated the Isorian commander orders the X-Launcher team and the Sniper to fire at the incoming enemy.
The Sniper and Command shoot Southern Black Guard unit and all of them fall dead on the ground. The X-Launcher fired high and wide missing the enemy.
The plan had worked, the Black Guard had proved enough of a distraction to allow the Rebal Ghar Command to run in blasting the Isorians Phase squad at the southern edge killing 3 of them and leaving just 2 standing. Not for long though as the battle armoured Ghar rip the remainders limb from limb.
A Disruptor Cannon team comes in from the East and shoots at the sniper, who phases out and the shot sails harmlessly off in to the distance. But at least she will be locked down for a while the team thinks. A second team comes in from the north behind a large tower and shoot the Tsan Ra with a clear shot, though causes no damage, but they are clearly shaken having become surrounded.
The Isorion targeter probes all latch on to the Ghar Command and the Northern Isorians open fire, but the armour proves to be too strong, but the nets used start to lock the units legs up.
More reinforcements come from the north in the form of a unit of Black Guard and Scutters who launch a devastating salvo of fire in to the X-Launcher team killing them all.
The Tsan Ra try to shoot the command squad but no damage is taken.
Very quickly bad turned to worse for the Isorians as their numbers continued to dwindle and it seemed as if the Isorians would not be able to last long enough to hold out.

Ghar Outcast Rebels
Maye Gelt

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