Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Fire Down Below

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VS Ghar Empire
Hey Yella

Episode 4’s mission had one of the biggest swings I think we’ve seen yet.
In the first two turns, Josen’s C3 force managed to pretty dominate the complex.
The C3 tunneled in from two points, one in the center and one just off center. The Ghar tunneled in from either side of the central chamber.
With the Concord troops breaking through first, they did their best to use their speed as their defining advantage.
All of the squads sprinted onto the table, covering as much ground as possible.

In a wave of my own good dice rolling (I was as shocked as anyone!), all but Josen’s team managed to pull off 15″ moves into the complex. The Old Man famously scored a 10 and stopped, holding his sides and wheezing. At least that balanced out the dice karma right away.

By the end of turn two, the Concord forces had secured 3 of the 4 rooms needed to secure a win and hadn’t even exchanged shots with the Ghar yet!
Then they heard the horrifying sounds of drill-on-stone as the Ghar broke through.

Pleas were made with the dice bag to produce a Concord order die that I might order my troops into room 4 and revel in glorious victory.
And those pleas went unheard.

You thought Snakes in a Plane were scary.
Assault Suits in a Tunnel are far far worse a fate.
Battle Suits with scourer cannons on full spread aren’t any nicer.

The strike teams did what they could, hoping that their carbines might find a hole in the Ghar armour, and they did to some extent. They Ghar were too well suited to this type of combat, though, and the C3 forces gradually lost ground.

Eventually Josen called a retreat, although he had convinced his men to stick around on more than one AMAZING command roll prior to that.

A well-fought battle by all, and not a bad scenario to take Josen along in!

Ghar Empire
Hey Yella

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