Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares


Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Ghar Empire

The scouting force advanced along the river, heading slowly toward the distant buildings the Ghar had erected. Having arrive on Xilos in the Algoryn’s second wave the Eclipse had thus far seen virtually no combat, apart from that incident at the Transmat. The infiltrators called out the first contact. Ahead of them the Ghar battlesuits lumbered through the undergrowth. As the Eclipse scouting force maneuvered into position they were spotted and the Ghar opened fire.

On the right flank an AI squad advanced behind the cover of a hill whilst the Infiltrators provided a withering hail of covering fire. The Ghar battle squad crested the hill blasting the AI squad mercilessly and laying low 3 men. The Algoryn’s exposed position had cost them, and it would cost the Ghar dearly as 2 of the battlesuits were shredded by mag shots from the Infiltrators. The remaining battle suit skulked around behind the hill before rushing forth and crushing the AI squad beneath it’s bulk.

On the left flank the AI command squad came under fire from the Ghar Assault squad the command squad hit the dirt as one bodyguard, his reations slower than his commander and comrade was blasted apart by the energies unleashed upon him. Seeing his bodyguard so utterly ruined shook the commander watched on as the Assault squad ploughed into the AI squad to his left, he was sure he could hear the foul laughter of the Ghar in their suits as shots from the Mag LS slammed harmlesly into their battle armour.

The Command squad regained their composure enough to pour plasma rounds into the battlesuits, falling back to the centre they were dismayed to see the Mag LS rendered inoperable by the thrice cursed distortions the Ghar’s technology unleashed. The Assault suits hit the command team hard and had crushed the leftflank and centre of the Algoryn line.

The Infiltrators seeing the carnage wrought on the rest of the scouting force began making a break for it, recalling the targetter probes as they retreated firing on the battle suits in the vain hope they might continue their earlier success and cut down some more of the Ghar. Luck was partially on their side as the Ghar’s distortions of reality rent the lone battlesuit inoperable and causing it to vent massive gouts of plasma, cooking the probe shard and narrowly avoing cooking the Infiltrators and Ghar Assault squad.

The fight came to an abrupt end as the Ghar assault suits rushed forward to claim one final trophy from the Eclipse scouting force.

Ghar Empire

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