Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

First Contact

Conquest Force - 2,000 POINTS
VS Isorian
Isorian Alliance

AN ad hoc alliance of Concord and Algoryn combined to establish a beachhead on Xilos. Opposing them was a mixed force of Isorians, Ghar, and Boromites. The Concord forces made good headway initially but were stalled out by a Boromite Brood Mother using her sheer bulk to block movement forward. I apologize for not taking any photos of the game. I did manage to get the photos from one of the other players.
This game was run as part of an introduction to BtGOA for new players just starting and there were a few who were checking the game out for the first time. Overall the game went really good and it may have even convinced a few people to look into the game more closely.


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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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