Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Assault on Quantum Gravity Generator GZT-7138

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Algoryn

Ghar Commander Ghuzov surveiled the sky. Streams of lights appeared as Ghar anti-air batteries opened up. “Drop capsules sighted, opening fire” shouted the comms while explosions brightened the sky as the AA fire hit home. Amidst the explosions and gunfire, thumps on ground became louder and louder as drop capsules dropped closer to the Ghar positions. Ghuzov cracked his knuckles, finally getting to face his foe on Xilos.

Ghuzov’s battlegroup was deployed to defend Quantum Gravity Generator GZT-7138, one of the many generators preventing transfer of materials and landing spacecraft to Xilos. Orders were clear, the generators were to be held with all costs.

Ghuzov saw one of the pods land nearby and requested a report from his gunners. Three confirmed kills out of the eleven sighted targets, with landings sighted all around the sector. Reacting to that, Ghuzov dispatched his Tectorists and Flitters to scan the area and sent a coded message for all his units to converge on the generator. His options were victory or death; to fend off the enemy or die protecting GZT-7138. Failure and inevitable life as an Outcast was not an alternative.

A drop capsule landed on the north-east side of GZT-7138. The Algoryn disembarking from it took positions behind a tall rock formation. Heavily outnumbered, they reached out to their reinforcements. The reinforcements came too late as a Ghar Battle Squad was first to emerge from the jungle, forcing the Algoryn to go down and get pinned by the Disruptor Cannon fire.

Ghuzov, on his Command Crawler, a Ghar Assault Squad and squad of Outcasts held still, ready to engage any Algoryn forces making their way to the generator.

Soon the Algoryn started to find their way to the generator site. An AI Command squad arrived from the south side, an AI Squad and an X-launcher team from the north. Algoryn Assault Squad sprinted forward from west, taking careful positions to avoid direct fire from the Ghar occupying the generator. Ghuzov took the initiative and moved forward with his Command Crawler shooting disruptor fire on the AI Command Squad, pinning and forcing them down. Next, its plasma reactor glowing hot, the Command Crawler swung around and opened fire on the AI Squad on the north side.

As the firefight on the north-east of the generator continued, Algoryn Assault made it’s way from the west side to assault the command crawler. They fought to standstill and the Algoryn took positions on the generator and started setting up their grenades to damage it. Ghuvov made way for an Ghar Assault Squad to engage the Algoryn. The Assault Squad fired back hitting one of the Ghar plasma reactors, exploding two of the battle suits. The lone Ghar charged in and was finally defeated.

The X-launcher team attempted to fire a net munition on the Command Crawler, but missed twice, leaving the machine to wreak havoc.

Now dangerously positioned on the generator, the Algoryn Assault Squad had to be dealt with. Both the Command Crawler and a Battle Squad nearby opened fire or them, finally forcing them to break and flee.

The Outcasts positioned on the north side jungle advanced from their positions to open fire on the AI Squad hiding behind rocks. The Outcasts only found themselves getting surprised by the drop landed AI Squad who ran them to the ground.

With only remnants of their squads remaining and Ghar holding the generator, the Algoryn’s situation started to look hopeless. The disruptor fire assisted with Tectorist and Flitter targeting kept thinning the Algoryn ranks and no further attempts to destroy generator GZT-7138 was made. Ghuzov was victorious.

Ghar Empire

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