Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Sweeping Tide

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Algoryn

Scenario – Custom “Mining Camp”
Algoryn have been sighted 10km outside our mining settlement. Infiltration teams and X-launcher units suggest their Intentions are hostile! Time to meet our foe and put them down!
5 order dice to 5 order dice.

TURN 1: With recent building and Equipment drops our camp has very limited firing lines as we attempt limit any damage to the local planetary environment. The battle will
Most likely end closer than desired. Our units stay close to assist with overlapping fields of fire and concentrating our efforts to pick off single units as they open up instead taking on their full might head on.

TURN 2: We play a game of cat and mouse trying to keep out of fire and capitalize on any mistakes made by our enemy. They attempt to break our lines in a mad dash to our right flank on a sprint order but they run straight into a concealed unit nestled perfectly behind naturally blocking terrain they didn’t see or expect to be in place. We open fire on them and as our forces are closely grouped we capitalized on be able to effectively concentrating units into their exposed squad removing them from battle early on.

Turn 3: With a distinct order die advantage concentrating our forces will possibly become easier. Only time will tell. Achieving an effective LOS the Algoryn X-Launcher Team
Attempts an overhead blast shot unaware our hyper light armor is highly resistant to blast damage.
However it is wasted dud and we are spared any losses for our Light Support unit. We take a far left flanking position to take advantage of the lateral firing lanes when the enemy exposes themselves to fire.
The Algoryn advance again exposing themselves to fire and blocking a rear positioned ambushing squad. Their pride is overcoming their military prowess in this fight. The begin taking more losses.

Turn 4: With 2 squad gone and unable the effectively make an ambush their forces and morale is dwindling rapidly. We have the will and the superior positioning. The outcome is becoming rapidly inevitable! In a desperate and foolhardy move their X-Launcher team exposes themselves In order to decimate the closest unit. They fail and scatter off into the distance wasting a golden opportunity the have our forces sustain noticeable losses.

Turn 5: The Algoryn are prideful people and can be fierce fighters but on this day our maneuvering and overlapping fire is proving to much for their forces to endure. We advance in force to inflict the fatal blow and we break another squad! Clearly out numbered and with only one squad remaining. They conceded to our forces and surrendered themselves for processing. VICTORY!


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