Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Battle at the refinery

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Isorian

The Boromites after the loss of their lavamite brood have fallen back to the their refinery. With a unit of gang fighters and the X launcher (now famous amongst the guild) in a defensive position they awaited the arrival of the isorians.

With a command team and 2 plasma light supports (I suspect the isorians commanders deployed heavier than usual assets at the increased number of personnel in the area) first arriving with a phase squad moving up the flank things looked bleak till the arrival of the overseer with his retinue and the mag light support. The X launcher landing a direct hit annihilating the isorians commander was a shock to the senetax forces but they pressed on. With the phase troopers advancing up the flank the work gang sprung from the flank firing off mass compactors at close range (5″ was close) not a single hit (4 rolls of 10, 1 roll of 9) meant they were stuck in the open and got outflanked them selves by a second phase squad. With casualties mounting on the work gang the over seer advanced forward with his men engaging the new unit in a fire fight, losing 2 himself but killing the squad leader and 3 others the unit fled.

The Gangers moved into the centre of the refinery only to get pinned down by the second phase squad moving to the upper tiers of a local building and the plasma supports, one being immobilised previously by the now dead mag support crew.

After several hours of bitter fighting, the remaining few boromites fled or retreated to fight again, the isorians moving forward and securing the refinery hopefully we can push them back before they enter our subterranean complex. Failing that we will unleash the next wave of horrors Arran will no doubt send to aid us.

Pictures in reverse order, our forces before deployment then a few of the pivotal moments


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