Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Defence of the crystal mines

Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
VS Isorian

After the isorians took the refinery, the remaining forces rallied in the crystal mines to defend the resources.

The remaining battle ready forces took up position (X launcher, light mag support, gang fighters) in ambush and prepared to die for the guilds. The isorians opened up with a sonic attack annihilating the mag support and pinning the last X launcher crewman in place. With that the onslaught started, the overseer and all the mining crews arrived to aid the fight as the isorian forces descended into the depths of the mine.

The phase squads inflicted a heavy toll on the gang fighters, and finished off the X launcher. The newly hatched and reared lavamite brood was taken down by the support drones, in return a spotter drone and single phase trooper was taken down by the gang fighters before they pulled back, with this a single flank of the boromite defence had crumbled. The work gangs took up covering positions in several of the crystal deposits securing the middle and other flank, and started taking pot shots at the advancing forces, whilst the over seer and his bodyguard advanced over one of the slag heaps and pinned a flanking phase squad in another deposit before the battle lines could meet.

At this the boromites detonated the cavern entrance to keep what resources they had secure, reduce the loses of guild troops and to stem the tide of isorians.


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