Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Incompatible IMTeL

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Admes Hocga
VS Isorian

Concord versus Isorians. Isorians made a strong start, eventually wiping out the small Concord garrison.


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This campaign has now ended. Thanks for playing!

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  • Karyle says:

    It’s just Maye. He jumps all over anyone who includes a soundtrack to the written up story for “whoring” XP, which is lame an offensive. We’re not all like that. ;P

  • Admes Hocga says:

    If you don’t like my battles, feel free not to click on them. Personally i find it incredibly rude to criticize other people playing the game because they don’t fulfill your expectations. And it certainly gives the wrong impression about the Gates of Antares community.

  • Maye Gelt says:

    Agree with Tvayumat. It is to short on details. Even if you don’t want to take notes in game, you can replay a bit in your head what went on. Or just snap a few pics on a phone and upload them. There is a saying that “a picture paints a thousand words”, it isn’t that great, but at least it means there is something to go on.

  • Tvayumat says:

    Good to see battles posted, but consider taking notes during the game and snapping a few pics.

  • KiltedTech says:

    Better luck next time, commander.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Short report, but it says what’s needed.