Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

A soft knock at the builders door

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Flux Flos
VS Ghar Empire

The Freeborn spacecraft Nebula intercept a transmission from the concord scouting probe underneath the planet jungle canopy. The encrypted message told about the discovery of an small builders tunnel entrance on Xilos. This would be the perfect opportunity for the Gastalin clan to secretly scouting ahead. Searching for precious builders technology.

Overseer commander Flux Flos got this assignment by Arran. After a rough landing on Xilos soil, with the help of secretly deployed freeborn dropships, Flux Flos first priority was to dash to the objective; the ventilation shaft entrance.

The Gastalin clan will lay the way for further secret mission’s after the massive Algoryns landing assault are successfully finished on Xilos.
Until now, keep a low profile as possible.

Flux Flos quickly look through the binoculars and then roar: Ghar contact, all units advance!

Objective: Open the airschaft door

Turn 1
One drop pod was distroyed before landing. Lost of a precious workgang unit.
Overseer Flux Flos landed on target, the same as the light support unit. For the Lavamites, gangfigthers and x-launcher unit, they all overshoot the drop site.
Mag light support misfired. Overseer run to the objective.

Turn 2
Gangers sneaked behind the outcast squad opened fire and killed one. Outcast went down this turn
X-launcher hit net ammo on the spot and inflicts two pins on the assault Ghar unit.
Overseer runs further to objective.
lavamites sneak behind the pinned assault Ghar squad but missed a shot.

Turn 3
Lavamites unit manage to defeat the Assault Ghar unit in hand to hand combat but the handler lost his life.
Outcast stay down for the next turn
Light support lost one crew-member in the gunfight with Ghar battle squad.

Turn 4
Mag light support failed a breaktest and destroyed. X-launcher squad dashed to the objective. Gangfighters managed to kill one more outcast. But they returned there down order back in the bag for the next turn. The lavamites stay down the next round.

Turn 5
X-launcher patched LOS with the overseer spotter drone and shoot net ammo successfully inflicted 5 pins to the Ghar Battle squad. End of the game.

Victory points 3 for capture the building and Destroy the Ghar defenders
Arran will be pleased.

Flux Flos

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