Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

the Empire strikes back

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Flux Flos
VS Ghar Empire

Commander Flux flos look at the progress by the engineer auto-workshop that was building the orbital transmat gateway. Soon chief Arran will join the search for precious builders artefact to be found in these Anciens network of thousand miles underground tunnel tubes.

Mainwhile Flux Flos knowing damned Borrum well that this facility was under thread by the advancing Ghar enemy. The defense of the holy mining rights begin. His roaring words sounds deeply in the air. Clan in Arrans name I command you, holt the Line!
If not, we are borrum broodmother toast.

Incomming!, some boromite shouts. The blast feeds the air with an enormous banging noise. A bright white flash appeared and the shockwave spitted flying rocks and push foreward blowing sandclouds out of the ground.

Turn 1
First drawn Distorsion dice made the lavamite unit go down not entering the table this turn.
Boromite light support try to sprint to the middle of the board but fails the agility test and 2 pins because 0 on d10 bad start.
One boromite dice was used to build the orbital transmat score a 5.
X-launcher run foreward. The outcast also run to the center. Followed by the overseer. Ghar Battle Squad advance and shoot the overseer unit 2 hits 1 pin but failed to inflicted casualties
Ghar assault Squad made a run also to the center. Followed by the workgang.

Turn 2
Built on the transmat gain together 11 points. 4 to go and it will be built.
Ghar assault squad advance and shoot at the borromite light support team one lucky hit destroy the spotterdrone on two pins the squad went down.
X launcher shoot overhead with netammo on the Ghar Assault squad bingo two pins.
Following the gangers try there luck and shoot, another pin.
Assualt Ghar Squad passed there order test and give the lightsupport a pin.
Overseer Flux Flos take a shot at the approaching Battle sqaud one suit dead failed on a 10. Well done!
One lavamite killed by gunfire. The outcast went down because of the black dice.

Turn 3

X launcher missed a OH net ammo on the Assault squad.
They got down failed there ordertest that turn.
Overseer run closer to the transmat to defense against the Ghar attack.
Outcast senses there change and opend fire. The disrupter cannon jammer but a foly of lugger guns took Overseer out of action. Inflicted a minor head wound.
Gangers Advanced and shoot the Ghar Battle suits 1 pin.

Turn 4
Ghar Battle suits failed an order test and go down. One borromite dice drawn and spent on building this turn. The needed points of 15 to complete was there. The orbital transmat was builded.
Boromites win!
Victory points 5!

Flux Flos

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