Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ruins of Ghar pollution

View Linked Report - Click Here Skirmish Force - 750 POINTS
Flux Flos
VS Ghar Empire

Flux Flos floating in the regenerator tub, over thinking what went wrong. All he recall was the intense heat wave surounding him and the deafening explosion nocking him off his feet.
Half the gang was injured or killed on the builders ruins. They fought hard but the Distorsion pollution by the Ghar were to harsh to overcome. Allthough they lost the Battle, one relic was found.

From turn 2 the boromites lost both support units. On turn 3 a gang and work Squad lost a firefight. At the end Flux Flos got a hit and was out of action. No minor injury this time.
Borromite work gang captured a relic builder gem and run of table. To late for the others, 5 units of 9 where destroyed. End of the game.
Ghar wins 5 VP. Boromites 2 VP.

It was frustrating to throw bad dices for the Boromites. Next Time better deployment of troops in the start fase.

Ghar Empire

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