Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

feels like home

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Flux Flos
VS Ghar Empire

Rock scans shows the builders complex but more importantly there was some tunneling activity. Boromites scouting probes notice the presence of underground vibration near the tunnel wall. Flux Flos read the data and nodded his head.
It cant be artificial. The signal suggest it was made by some sort of intelligent being and that was what Flos most worried about. The drilling noise came closer. Louder and louder.
Lets move on, Flux wishper, affraid that the slidest sound give his position away to whatever come his way.
Flux ordered the mag canon crew to stand in the middle largest chamber for ambush and shoot whatever breaks through the walls.
Hold ground clan. This tunnel complex is our. Do not forget Arrans name. General Flux Flos know it and so do his clanmembers, the tunnel feels almost like home.

It was a very great game tonight. The cave tiles very narrow but hey, good enough for the Boromites.
In the middle builders chamber a mag canon Squad take ambush but because bad dices they missed completly and pay the price by backfire of Ghar Battle suits. One crewmember killed.
Flux Flos hit the coming Ghar assualt Squad give it pins. Meanwhile the clan creep further to the rest of the builders camber. One turn 6 the Boromites succesfully controls 4 builders caverns. Victory ponts 4!

It was sure awesome! And the mag canon a great new adition to my force usefull when hit the enemy.

Next game we will bring the snappers and drummer. It would be fun to play this scenario with a skirmish force.
I like this scenario the most from all. The admospherical setting remind me of old school D&D Dungeons.

Flux Flos

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