Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares


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VS Boromite

The algoryn infantry crested the ridge and took in target alpha. A generator station Surrounded by Boromite mercenaries. They had made a good approach on the target, going unnoticed by enemy sensors and the final approach to the station provided a decent amount of cover. A few clipped orders and the Algoryns began to rush forward, covering the ground to the generator station as the Boromites finally noticed the approaching enemy.
Weapons blazed from both sides cutting down Algoryn and Boromite alike as they closed. The algoryns concentrated their fire on a team of boromites taking up a defensive position alongside the generator building, cutting them down as they ran into close range. The withering fire left no survivors.
The algoryn support teams proved their worth launching shell after shell into the enemy positions causing mass damage and havoc behind enemy lines.
The real battle began as the Algoryns closed into melee with the Boromites. The enemy lavamites were challenging even to an assault squad, but ultimately they too fell. Leaving the Boromite leader exposed. The assault squad took only a moment to slap their charges onto the generator building before turning to charge the Boromite commander.
Only a lone member of the assault squad survived the furious counterattack of the foe. But with his death the field was won. The remaining Boromites were cut down in a withering blaze of fire as they attempted to escape. Commander Kurar and his command squad finished attaching the charges to the generator station, then set off to regroup with the rest of their forces and tend to their wounded.


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