Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Fortress lost

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VS Boromite

The transmat pad was almost complete. Having finally pushed the enemy forces back enough, the Algoryn rushed to construct a fortified position so they could call in reinforcements. A pitiful few had survived the drop, and even less after the ensuing battles. Kurar looked on from the newly raised walls as the engineers decompressed and assembled the transmat components.
He glanced up as one of the spotters called out. Enemy forces spotted on the horizon. The boromites had returned.
As the enemy began to close on their position the Algoryn force opened up with their support weapons momentarily keeping them at bay, but they charged onward anyway. Mag shells ricocheted off their thick hides as they charged headlong towards the gate.
Kurar gave a signal to his assault sergeant, Myrval. Myrval was already a hardened veteran having survived many combats already and Kurar trusted him to take care of the enemy at the gates.
The Algoryn charge was devastating. The boromites that had survived a withering hail of fire could do nothing to stop the terrible onslaught of the assault squad. They died or the ran. Myrval knew his craft well.
While the Algoryns had been distracted battling the forces at their walls the Boromite Commander snuck in the back of the base and destroyed critical components for the transmat. Kurar screamed at the cowardice of the Boromites and raked them with fire as they retreated. He would have to find the components he needed for a transmat somewhere else. Salvaging what they could the algoryns abandoned the base and set off before the enemy could regroup and come at them again.


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