Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Vengeance is sweet

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Boromite

With a loud bang the debris blocking the entrance to the complex was cleared. Kurar charged through the breach with his reinforcements prepared to assault the facility once again.
“Remember, do no fight those rock creatures in the enclosed spaces. Do your best not to engage them up close unless you have the advantage.” He received acknowledgments from the various squads. They’d seen before how dangerous those things could be. They were right at home in tunnels like these.
The Algoryns went about setting up a defensive perimeter. This time they’d make the Boromites come to them. It wasn’t a long wait.
The pack of lava mites led the way as expected, but this time they were forced to wade through a hail of fire and engage in a larger space where the assault team could bring their d-spinners to bear. The lava mites were still ferocious but this time the assault squad got the best of them. Before they could withdraw the commander himself charged into retreating pack master and his remaining beast, finishing them off in a flare of plasma.
From there it was just a clean up operation. The Boromites had lost their teeth. They pushed into the Algoryn positions but they couldn’t do enough to dislodge them from their positions. Eventually they had to withdraw, content with the materials they’d salvaged before the Algoryn counter attack.


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