Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Bloody Mesa

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VS Concord

As Teliack reached for a can of hydro, he noticed what looked like stars falling from the sky. In an instant, planetary defenses began firing up into the heavens in a percussion of defiance. Teliack quickly reached for his mass compactor and began assembling his small force as the falling invaders had triggered the small bases defenses with there descent. With unyielding accuracy, the small transports made their way on to the mesa where the boromite clan Grantell was entrusted with the defense of generator station hwedbled. The defenses failed to do any real damage to the small pods as they now began landing all around the mesa and concord troops began pouring forth onto the rocky flat land along with their drones. Teliack quickly grunted out orders to abandon the station and find cover along the Mesa’s outcroppings. Then the boromites would hit the concord from the flanks causing them to fall away as a second group of boromites would assault the main body with Vorpal charges. The concord and the boromites fought to a near bloody stalemate as there were heavy losses on both sides. What was left of Teliack and his forces were forced to abandon their fight well into the evening when a sudden large explosion obliterated the generator. Defeated Teliack and the rest of his clan were forced to retreat.


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