Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares


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VS Concord

Carefully, Teliack and his gang approached the ruins with extreme caution. This had been an area yet to be explored by clan Grantell. The large site was mostly covered in dense vegetation with large monuments left long ago by some alien race. Much of what seemed like walls and toppled buildings had almost been completely consumed by the jungle. Small path ways of what seemed to be some kind of stone covered the ground in some places but most of the terrain was hard to traverse with all of the rubble and dense vegetation. Suddenly one of Teliack’s men alerted him to some movement ahead. Small silhouettes of what looked like Concord Forces began to emerge from the dense terrain. Teliack had his men take cover and lay low while ordering the weapons team to set up their light mag support gun. Teliack looked on as he saw the Panhuman’s looking around the grounds as if they were searching for something. As the Concord forces became more visible and got closer, Teliack ordered his troops to attack. The light support gun erupted in fire knocking down two Panhuman’s instantly. Heavy weapons fire began to erupt all around the ruins when suddenly a group of Concord interceptor bikes screamed along the terrain and opened up a hail of heavy fire on a unit of gangers pinning them behind some dense vegetation. As Teliack tried to get closer to the front lines of his men he noticed on the ground a small piece of glowing metal. The battle seemed to slip away from him as he reached down to grab the glowing vessel. At that very moment a loud scream pierced the battle field as one of the many indigenous life forms sprang out of its large burrow and roared its displeasure at the combatants. Instantly, Teliack urged his men back. He had seen these beasts before. The Ghar referred to these creatures as “Drummers”. The vile beast charged the first thing it saw, a group of Concord forces trying to get clear of the area but the monstrous creature was to swift and attacked them. Aware of this new threat the Boromites began attacking the monster as well. The creature undeterred, charged the Boromites. Teliack urged his fellow gangers to concentrate fire on the huge beast. As it closed ranks with Teliack’s unit, a thundering drumming sound emanated from the beast as it shot some form of projectile at his unit killing two men instantly. But the hail of fire was too much for the beast as it fell just a few meters from Teliack. As the battle continued the Concord forces began to retreat having taken heavy losses from the Boromite ambush and the large beasts assault. Interceptor bikes tried to provide cover for their fleeing comrades as a unit of concealed work gangers set up vorpal charges and directed them at the unit of unsuspecting bikers destroying the whole unit. As the Concord forces were in full retreat one of the other gang units also brought to Teliack another vessel similar to the one he had stumbled upon. As they secured the perimeter, Teliack wondered what these vessels might be.


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  • Megapunch says:

    I am sorry I haven’t put up videos or pictures of any of the battles fought so far in the campaign. I just have this insecurity of putting stuff online that isn’t finished or painted. It’s just a dumb thing with me and I know it’s just me because not very many people feel the same. My friend blitz40k took pictures of one of our games and I was a bit ashamed because his guy’s were all painted and mine were not. But I want to thank everybody for all of the positive support and recommendations. I am having a very good time playing this game, painting, and working on new terrain tables just for Antares. Great Job from the whole team at warlord games for putting together a great game and a great campaign. Antares is officially my number 1 favorite miniatures game.

  • Malach Bur says:

    Another notch on the win totem for The Family…

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Great report, but photos would have been most helpful.

  • Maye Gelt says:

    Good report. Shame no pictures, even just 1 of the battlefield before deployment is always good.

  • Flux Flos says:

    Great story hail to the boromites