Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Massacre down under

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VS Concord

Teliack watched over his unit as they eagerly awaited the plasma cutters to break through the last of the rock that separated there tunnel from the interior vault of an underground ruin left by the builders. AS the last of the rock gave way a quick suction of air filled the cavern. The smell was overwhelming but soon gave way as the sealed complex was once again opened to the outside world. Through his comm he was able to receive word of his secondary units also cutting through to the caverns 100 meters from their position to the south. As the Boromites walked into the open caverns they lit electro globes to illuminate the large area. It didn’t take long as a sudden shock wave exploded nearby. A large flash of light and a powerful explosion gave way to movement. The Boromites were no longer alone. Teliack quickly ordered all lights extinguished and for everyone to find cover. He quickly radioed his fellow Boromites south of him to work quickly to reach Teliack’s position.
AS the movement of silhouetted figures began to come into view the Boromites recognized there all too familiar foe, the forces of the Concord were making their way into the main vault. Teliack quickly organized his troops under cover of darkness and signaled to the other units south of his position to set up a light support mag gun in hopes of catching his prey in a deadly crossfire. AS the Concords drones came into view Teliack ordered his forces to attack. A work gang unit charged one of the combat drones. The machine began firing wildly hitting two of the Boromites killing them instantly. The tight corridors of the network of tunnels made it difficult to move freely but the rest of the unit was able to activate vorpal charges and set them loose. The gamble paid off as one of the giant weapons platforms was instantly ripped apart and destroyed. Other charges continued to flow from different units as a hail of fire began cutting down units from behind. The forces of the Concord were caught in a devastating crossfire and the Boromites were having success keeping the Concord forces bottled up in the center cavern. Imtel began feeding the Concord forces with intel as they adapted there formations to better repel the Boromites. AS the forces opened up there lines they began a hail of fire that pinned some Boromite units while killing others. Two units of Work Gangs had closed with the concord forces and began a heroic assault. As fire came from every corner of the cavern, the immense figures of the Boromites charged the Concord forces into hand to hand combat. The Boromites successfully cut down swaths of concord forces in hand to hand combat forcing the Concord forces to fall back. After only a short while the caverns were secure and the Boromites had units pursuing the remnants of the concord forces while engineers began to excavate and take stock of the area.


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