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Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord

As I have been writing a themed story to go with my games played I decided to teak a break from that on this battle report. In this game my friend Kelly’s Heroes and I replayed episode three. We were playing 500 points as we are getting used to the game. In turn 1 I did all I could do to get my Boromite units as close to the relics as possible. I had two work gangs, two units of gang fighters and 1 x-launcher with crew. Kelly’s Heroes had a unit of concord bikes, 2 units of regular troops, a command squad and a unit of targeting drones. Kelly’s Heroes decided to stay back at first and set up firing lines. He was worried that I would get into an assault if he got to close and was weary of losing troops to quick in a large melee.
By turn two I had moved into touch with one of my gang fighter units while my x launcher was forced down due to the black dice and then a unit of work gangers was forced down because of a second black dice. A round of shooting for the Concord player didn’t go to well as I was able to make my res checks. I was also able to get a second unit of gang fighters into touch with a second relic.
At turn three Concord bikes attack one of my forward units of work gangers that I had supporting a unit of gang fighters. I also take fire from his other units and loose about 4 models altogether from separate units and I miss horribly with the x launcher.
Turn four I start to move away with a relic and his bikes move to cut off my escape and wipe out the unit. My X launcher hits one of his regular squads but no real damage. I am now losing about 2 two three models out of each of my 4 units. I decide to go for broke and I take a 4 man unit of work gangers and I move forward shooting at one unit of regular troops while sending vorpal charges towards his bikes. He evades both vorpal charges. I also hit with the x launcher on a unit of his that had pins. He fails his test and off they go. Then he finishes off another of my work gang units with fire from a flanking unit of regular guys supported by target drones. I lose a squad of 3 man work gangers.
Turn 5 and I hit him with the x launcher again and he loses another unit of guys. I also charge his bikes with my last remaining 4 man group of work gangers killing off the bikes. He kills my x launcher’s crew. Turn 6 I am able to secure a second relic and the game end 2-0.


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  • Krom the Concorder says:

    Good report. More pics next time please.

  • Malach Bur says:

    Try saying Net Ammo is broken when playing against the Ghar…

  • Kellys_Heros says:

    Net ammo is so broken. HE didn’t technically kill anything except the bikes. With moral so important in this game, something like net ammo is way too powerful. No saves against it, nothing. Just instant death. And thats with the xlauncher, I cant imagine the howitzer or plasma bombard that can cause double the pins.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Pictures are everything, but a good report is still important.

  • Karyle says:

    Nice report! Would have liked to see some photos of my fellow Boromites in action, but oh well. 😉