Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ghar- Like Raining Cats and Dogs...

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Ghar Empire
Hey Yella
VS Concord

Mini Game:
We switched the roles up for the Orbital Drop mission with the Ghar descending from the heavens and the C3 was minding their precious force field generator. The mini game was incredibly stressful as all the landing pods were getting shot at. The first two pods escaped the ground flack fire; however the defenders must have ranged in as they destroyed the third pod. Sadly it was carrying my very expensive command crawler.

As more pods cluttered the sky the C3 were able to strike down five more pods, destroying over half the enemy reinforcements. This wouldn’t be so bad as the destroyed pods contained 2 defense drones and 1 support drone. But the other two pods contained 2 battle squads! With just over 670 points of my 1000 point force now destroyed it would be an uphill battle for the Ghar! But I’m sure my Tectorist Scouts, Flitters, Outcasts and Assault Squad can win the day. They seem like beefy murder sticks to me….

Turn 1:
The C3 had established a perimeter around the force field generator with 3 Strike Squads and an X-Howitzer overlooking the field of battle. I would have to be bold if I wanted to make a game of it. I had two drop pods which would be coming in on the table, so I sent the Flitters drop pod straight for a Strike Squad. They landed close enough that they were pushed back further from the objective and had to go down for turn one. Next my Tectorist Scouts aimed for another Strike Squad and scattered widely. However this would be a boon for me as they crashed in between two other Strike Squads forcing both of them to go down! Only the X-Howitzer was free to receive orders! Pulling the first dice of the game, my opponent could only give it to his X-Howitzer and with no juicy target, preceded to obliterate a Tectorist Scout.

My assault squad was lucky enough to roll high and got to come in from reserve on turn 1 and immediately set to work assaulting a downed Strike Squad. After a follow up combat the Strike Squad broke from the carnage and fled the field of battle. The Ghar consolidated toward the next Strike Force. If I had the Jaws theme music I would have begun playing it for my friend James!

Turn 2:
The Assault squad used their amps this turn with the hopes of assaulting the Strike Squad wiping them out, and using the second order to pounce on the X-Howitzer. This plan would give my Outcasts and alleyway to book it for the force field generator.

I got the first dice pulled and my Ghar assaulted! They killed the Strike Force to a man and he promptly fled the battle. The Ghar consolidated close to the X-Howitzer. All I needed was the next dice to be mine…

…Concord dice! With a mighty heave, the X-Howitzer crew pushed their mammoth weapon backwards and leveled the gun at the Assault Squad. With the help of their spotter drone they netted 5 pins on the unit. The Assault Squad unsurprisingly failed their break test and went down. The carnage would not continue!

With the next Ghar dice, the Assault Squad rallied, but sadly I rolled a one, so only 2 pins came off the unit which would mean long term consequences for this battle.

A C3 Drop Squad showed up and took a pot shot at the Assault Squad too, but like true Ghar, they shook off the damage. This distraction allowed a unit of Outcasts to “get the drop” on the C3 Drop Troopers and peppered them with lugger fire.

Turn 3:
I needed the die pull really badly. It was my only hope of removing the X-Howitzer for a free run at the force field generator. The hand went into the bucket…and pulled a C3 die. The X-Howitzer finished the job by pinning the Assault Squad out of the game. In retaliation the Outcasts moved closer to the force field generator and emptied as many shots into the Drop Squad as possible. They all died to combined lugger fire, but with the Assault Squad out of the way, the rest of the C3 were now turning their attention on the Outcasts!

Turn 4:
This was going to be it. If I could get the die pull I could sprint to the force field generator where a lonely Tectorist Scout had been hammering away on it all game. He certainly needed the help in destroying it. Once again, it came up C3 and the X-Howitzer (being newly assembled) wanted to be the star of the game. It blasted the Outcasts into oblivion.

I realize that I have failed the Ghar and will now respectful take my place as a lowly outcast….


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