Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Something Wicked Lurks in the Tunnels!

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Ghar Empire
Hey Yella
VS Concord

Episode 1 Recap: The Ghar attempted to surprise the C3 forces with a landing to destroy their Quantum Gravity Generator Station. Unfortunately for the Ghar, the C3’s ground defenses were outstanding and shot down the command crawler and two battle squads. They still made a show of force taking out two C3 strike squads and an elite drop squad before their push was halted. Defeat for the Ghar.

Episode 2 Recap: With the initial confrontation halted from episode 1, the Ghar began setting up a transmat station to bring in soldiers. The C3 responded to this move but was unable to launch a combined attack. Their piecemeal assault resulted in the Ghar stalling for time for the transmat station to become active allowing for the reinforcements to arrive.

Episode 3 Recap: The Imtel reported possible builder relics in an area infested with Ghar. After incurring numerous losses in their recent battle, the C3 made an unusual ally with the Isorians in an attempt to divert the Ghar’s attention and gather as many artifacts as possible. While the C3 were able to extricate one artifact, too many were left in the unknowing clutches of the Ghar.

Episode 4:

Pre Game – Tunnels: Both sides began tunneling toward the caverns that lay between both forces. Each side drilled duel passageways to allow as many of their forces into the depths as quickly as possible. A loud rumble followed by a crash signaled that the C3 tunnel drones finally broke through. A strike squad rapidly secured defensive positions inside the cavern. Battle for the Builder’s tunnels was about to commence.

Turn 1: The C3 wasted no time under the watchful eyes of Commander-In-Chief Josen. Strike Squads sprinted into position while the lead squad hustled to control the center cavern. All this running put a lot of strain on Josen. He wasn’t as young as he used to be. He casually placed his hand on the tunnel wall to catch his breath.

Turn 2: Josen took a deep gasp of air and commanded a nearby strike squad to follow him into the main cavern. Time was against the Concord. He cursed himself for getting older and not being able to keep up with his soldiers. In the distance they could begin to hear the rumblings of the Ghar’s tunnel borers. If they could secure and set up defenses before the Ghar broke through, then the tunnels would be theirs. It was a big risk, and Josen knew that victory favored the bold.

Turn 3: Disaster! A cavern wall crumbled before a strike squad’s eyes and was quickly pounced on by a blood thirsty assault squad. Their thick armor combined with the narrow corridors provided a boon to the Ghar. It was here in the dark tunnels where they felt so at home. Limbs of the helpless strike squad were torn from their bodies as they fell prey to the Ghar.

Josen did his best to salvage a deteriorating situation as dispersed shots from a Ghar battle squad shredded another strike team. Josen’s team opened fired on the battle suits and one of their armored hulls slumped to the ground.

Turn 4: This was it. If Josen’s squad couldn’t repel the Ghar now, then they would have to retreat back to the surface. Josen coolly leveled his pistol at a battle suit and watched the laser penetrate the eye socket of the Ghar’s helmet. Seeing the brute crash to the ground was satisfying, but he couldn’t savor the moment for long. Josen heard the Ghar behind him tearing into his light support drones, while ahead a lone battle suit stepped aside to allow a second assault team passage into the main cavern.

Josen issued the retreat. He knew where the Ghar were hiding now. Payback would come later.

Ghar Empire
Hey Yella

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