Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Freedom Run

Battle Force - 1,250 POINTS
Ghar Empire
Hey Yella
VS Concord

This will be a brief battle report as we played Saturday night and it needs to be in before midnight Sunday. Plus we had a bad storm and lost power early during our game! Luckily for us we soldiered on with a camping head lamp. It added dramatic effect to our game as we pretended it was a raid on a Ghar camp a dusk. We also pretended that our headlamp was a Ghar spotlight…

With the Ghar taking many C3 captives from the tunnel mission in episode 4, the C3 attempted to reclaim them from the Ghar jail. The first turn saw many units sprinting to the jail cells spring two sets of prisoners and a weapons cash. If they could find the last set of prisoners in one of the remaining 3 jail cells then they would win.

To prevent this from happening, the Ghar used their plasma amps early to put some much needed pins on the C3 and for the most part it worked. They stopped a drop squad in their tracks and forced a jetbike squad to switch flanks. The scutters even rose to the occasion and destroyed the C3 combat drone. In the end the jet bike squad on turn 6 got to a jail cell and it contained the last prisoners! Victory for the C3.


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