Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Attack the Farm! 2000 points per side!

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Ghar Empire
Hey Yella
VS Concord

Karg finally cornered Josen in a human farm. It didn’t have the familiar looks of a Ghar slime vat, but you could tell it was what the humans needed to eat. The food those humans grew just looked repugnant. Still, he had to soldier on to remove this Josen problem. After defeating Josen’s forces in the tunnel, Karg’s battle force captured many of Josen’s soldiers to be used as slaves. Then Josen had the audacity to send in his military under the cover of darkness to free his people from the slave pits. Karg could not let this slight go unpunished. He could feel his anger rising at the thought of Josen and took a quick puff from his pipe. He needed it to calm himself down. Thinking about this human was causing his, what did the humans call it? Anxiety? To get too high. Karg leaned over to one of his slave girls and plucked some Ghar delicacies from her plate. He satisfactorily popped one in his mouth.

“That’s better,” Karg reassured himself.

Karg reached over to his command vox and declared the attack to begin. “Onward to the farm!” Karg confidently announced to returning cheers. “I’ll make sure to attack with the second wave. For strategic purpose of course..” Karg mumbled to himself.

Turn 1: With the farm surrounded by the Ghar, Commander Josen issued his first follow order to his troops. With a thunderous roar he declared fire to his artillery. X-Howitzers and X-Launchers roared to life finding their target on a large unit of 5 Ghar battle suits. The pins were too much for them to handle and they left the battlefield in shame. Karg would have to personally see to their demotion as soon as he felt it was safe enough to arrive on the field of battle.

In retaliation of seeing the assault squad netted, a group of outcasts eager to get the approval of Karg open fired on the combat drone hovering within the walled compound of the farm. One of the Outcasts shots rang true piercing the main weapon cabling on the drone, while a second shot brought the beastly drone down. It was going to be a truly brutal fight for the farm.

Turn 2: Josen again issued a fire order to his artillery and this time removed a battle squad from the farm. His mission was to punish any Ghar who got too close to the farm. So far his strategy was working! News got even better as a Drop Command team and a Drop Squad landed to help defend the farm from the Ghar aggression. They took up position on the hill and began providing covering fire for the squads within the farm.

By this point Karg arrived and began to dump disruptor ammo into the drop squads. They would pay for slowing down his victory. He slammed a button on his console and ordered his bombardment crawler to strike the plasma drone which wandered into striking distance. He didn’t want anything nearby that could potentially cause him harm after all… Karg was happy to see it blow up into tiny pieces and issued another command for him to start raining down fire on the C3 within the farm. He would have to crack the farm’s outer shell before getting to the soft squishy artillery inside.

Turn3: Josen scanned the outskirts of the farm again and spotted another battle squad encroaching on his territory. True to form his artillery removed more Ghar from the field of battle. However the Ghar were all around him and Outcast lugger fire was beginning to pile up casualties on his Strike Squads protecting his precious artillery. The Drop Squads were to quickly work in tandem and meet up at the farm but they were nowhere to be seen yet. Josen had to buy more time.

Karg meanwhile began to laugh to himself as he witnessed a C3 squad vaporize from the bombardment crawler. Very shortly his forces would be inside the compound. Karg amped up his command crawler and put continuous disruptor fire into the Drop Squads and Drop Command unit up on the hill. They were too busy keeping their heads down to recuse their friends now!

Turn 4: Both of Josen’s strike squads protecting the farm had now been killed. Only his command team stood by to defend the artillery. He once again spotted a Ghar bomber squad and set his sights on seeing it removed from the field of battle. Like clockwork, his artillery removed the threat. It was only a small moment of satisfaction as the next sound caused Josen to grit his teeth. He could now hear the bombardment crawler approaching the compound’s walls. Massive fire tore through an X-launcher rendering the machine useless while dispersed shots from its weapons felled a few crew members from the precious X-howitzer. Behind the bombardment crawler a new bomber squad approached. All hope seemed lost until he heard a whooping sound come across his comm log. An Interceptor Squad dashed through the bomber squad pelting them with plasma until they slumped to the ground.

Karg watched in horror as his nearby bomber squad was torn up in close range fire from a unit of interceptors. His vat grown heart quickly beat against the walls of his chest. “Move, MOVE!” He shouted to his well trained crew who quickly moved the lumbering command crawler away from the recently arrived Interceptors. His vehicle quickly moved to the outskirts of the farm house where he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now, to send that bombardment crawler into the compound to finish the job!”

Ghar Empire
Hey Yella

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