Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Hold the Transmat! (The Chronicles of Karyle, Ch. 2.1)

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Algoryn

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The boromite Overseer paced angrily, unhappy with his current assignment. After successfully capturing the fortifications surrounding the Algoryn transmat, his squad had been ordered to hold the position and await further reinforcements. Karyle was reasonably sure, though, that he was really keeping the mostly-intact transmat locked down until an engineer crew could arrive and see what information they could glean from the machine. That was fine and well with Karyle, and he understood the necessity to hide the true intent of the orders in case they were intercepted by the enemy, but he hated shadow games. He was a man who preferred the honor of honesty; a battle should be decided by the abilities of the combatants, nice and simple. At least these damnable Algoryns understood that sense of honor, the gruff boromite was forced to admit.

He had set his crews upon the walls, watching in all directions for incoming threats. It had spread his forces thin, but the reaction time would be instantaneous. And he had a feeling…


The sound of the mag blast hitting the outer wall reverberated loudly through the construction area, making the need to signal his fighters unnecessary. In the direction of the shuttlecraft, an Algoryn commander and a crew of their fighters was firing at the emplacement. Tapping the “Engage” signifier on his comm device, Karyle looked to his Gang Fighters as they followed the order and opened fire with their Mag Guns. The Algoryns had entered the field with relatively little cover, and the remaining two soldiers who weren’t cut down in the mag fire quickly scrambled back in the direction they had come and out of sight.

Ordering his bodyguards forward with their Plasma Carbines trained on the commander, Karyle confirmed through his Spotter feed that his commander wasn’t his nemesis Kurar, but some unlucky upstart who had been tasked with testing the boromite defenses. Snarling in frustrated admiration of the tactic, Karyle and his bodyguards unleashed their Rapid Fire at the command squad, dropping the two warriors on either side while the commander also retreated from the field.

“Ready yourselves,” Karyle shouted through his comm, “there will be more!”

Again the young commander entered the field, from the same direction, and again he was repelled without a single boromite casualty.

“What is he doing… ?”

Yet again, the Algoryn commander headed their direction, with yet more Algoryn grunts prepared to die.

Karyle, furious, stood atop the wall where he was clearly visible to the Algoryns and shouted to them, knowing his words would be heard by the enemy commander through his own Spotter feed. “You would insult me like this!? You, supposed man of ‘honor’!?” Karyle spat loudly over the wall. “I will revel in your death!”

Karyle turned and looked down to the ground, signalling at Leroy and his loyal Lavamites. “Leroy! Outside, by the crates, is the man who killed your brother. Avenge him!”

A deadly, cruel sneer came across Leroy’s otherwise simple face. With a nod, the boromite snapped his energy lash in the air, and took off at a sprint with his deadly pets. They just barely closed the ground to the enemy commander, their exhaustion evident but without consequence. Leroy and his Lavamites shredded the Algoryns in a gruesome display that saw even a few of the Gang Fighters look away, but Karyle stood steady.


Kurar calmly signaled for the nervous attendant to turn off the video feed, having seen enough. Without emotion, the Algoryn intoned, “See the rest of the squad pulled back. We will not return to that particular transmat; we have enough to continue the assault as planned.” The Algoryn Commander dismissed the attendant, but stopped him again before he could make it clear of the doorway. “Also, see to it that this video is distributed amongst our soldiers. Perhaps it will inspire some of them to not test our adversary with their stupidity.”


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  • Kurar says:

    I couldn’t have lost any worse. Game was still fun though. Sometimes it’s hilarious watching your men die and roll 10s on the break tests over and over.

  • Hey Yella says:

    I like the ongoing narrative you are creating for the campaign. Keep up the good work!

  • Flux Flos says:

    super battle report

  • Twshobbieswest says:

    Great story, and beautiful terrain.

  • Malach Bur says:

    Superb report, can’t wait to get my lavamites later this month…

  • Karyle says:

    Thanks Zepp! That means a lot coming from you, you’re usually pretty hardcore on your ratings! Lol. I’ll do my soundtracks like this from now on, I only just learned how to make the videos this morning. Didn’t even know it was possible before!

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    Nice video, photos, report. Too bad for the Algoryn side.