Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Strike first, strike hard

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VS Algoryn

Freeborn Varda Ipsimus, evading the Ghar defensive nets, initiated a landing over the polar region, establishing several of their own defensive positions before preparing to strike out at the primary land mass.

One small polar position came under attack by Algoryn landing forces, and a small force of Freeborn deployed to defend their gravity web generator.

After deploying defensive positions, an Algoryn landing pod coming in hot forced a Vardanari squad and a support team to redeploy, taking down orders and unfortunately exposed positions.

The squad deploying out of the pod immediately assaulted the nearby generator tower, effectively overwhelming the single mag light support team defending it.

Both the Vardanari and remaining Support team failed their recovery tests, and remained down into the next turn.

This became a major problem as an Algoryn infiltrator squad deployed from the edge leaving the mag light support team totally exposed, and some bad rolls left the team without any serious firepower, but still alive.

A Domari team came on to the board and attempted to wipe out the assaulting Algoryn on the generator tower, pinning them with withering Mag Gun fire, but failing to stop their advance. They were quickly knocked down to half strength by return fire, forcing them to break and run.

A second Domari squad attempted the same feat, giving the Algoryn another pin but again failing to stop them as they advanced to the top of the tower and captured the generator for the Algoryn Prosperate, and opening a hole in the defensive network for the Prosperate to land their forces and establish a beachhead.


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