Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

First Contact

Battle Force - 1,250 POINTS
VS Isorian
Major Malfunction

First contact with the enemy is always a trying experience. First time writing a battle report is even more trying.

We’d just finished our slow growth league ending the campaign at 1250 points so those were the basis for the lists for Battle 1. We neglected to note that no strategic assets could be used so both sides wound up with heavy combat drones. Proved not to be a big deal.

This game was essentially decided in the pregame as most of the Ivorian infantry wound up being destroyed. In the attached photos, those chits below the board over shot, those on the last line landed on target. Those to the right were destroyed or decoys.

We didn’t use drop pod models, another error, and as they might have provided cover this could have had an impact on the game. I suspect only to prolong the agony as I quickly realized that taking out the infantry would be critical. The remaining Isorian squads took all the fire I could bring to bear and quickly rendered the Isorian army useless for purposes of achieving victory.

The next battle was a much closer affair.


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