Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Orbital Drop

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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite
Malach Bur

Turn one the Boromites and Ghar Empire dropped from the skies, scattered across a builders ruin. The Ghar wished to use this land for mighty cannons, whereas the Boromites understood the sites true value. Of the first Boromites to land were the support team with X-Launcher, landing far from the main conflict with the goal of barraging the Ghar, the team was not anticipating what came next. Ghar Battlesuits fell from the sky and poured firepower into the Boromites which stood no chance.
Following this the remainder of each sides forces arrived from the skies and began to consolidate on the Builder Ruins. After some exchange of fire, the Boromite Mass Compactors fled from overwhelming fire from a squad of Ghar Battlesuits, however the short victory for the Ghar was short lived, as a meagre number of Mag Guns opened fire on the Ghar Squad. One reactor went critical, one got shot between the eyes and the leader made a run for it. Both sides reached their break limits simultaneously due to this exchange of fire and the game was ended with both sides withdrawing from the Builder Ruins.


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