Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Dig Site: Grogs Discovery

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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite
Malach Bur

Having already deployed his forces to Xilos following the Concord incursion, Grog had begun preparations on the ground for the war effort. Of these preparations included dispatching the Tectorist Scouts in search of valuable resources, the mad little Ghar had been known to hit the jackpot on some occasions, but usually found themselves walking into things more recently.

Having not heard back from the Tectorist Scouts in some time, Grog took a scouting force to investigate what had happened. His armour was still being repaired following his encounter with the Concord, and found his armour to be constantly slowing him down. Upon reaching the site reported by the loyal skitter pets, Grog learned that the Tectorists had lost their lives digging up a strange container which was now being surrounded by Borromites.

Grog unleashed a barrage of Disruptor Blasts, and in true Grog fashion he wiped out the Boromite Rock Riders in a single shot, that was probably a malfunction, but hey, even more credit for promotion. The remainder of the scouting force however encountered a new threat from unseen artillery, which kept a fellow Ghar squad on its knees until it broke.

Grog maintained a constant barrage of fire from a defensive position until the battle was lost and began a withdrawl. He didn’t care about why the Boromites had taken this position, only that they did. He will return, and his armour will be back up to scratch, you have his word. But the mystery remains, what exactly did the crazy little dudes dig up in the first place?

Malach Bur

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