Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Builder Relics: Grogs Marathon

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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite
Malach Bur

Immediately following Grogs conflict with the Concord whereby the strange humies had been gathering worthless rocks, reports came in of Boromites conducting the same activities in Ghar territory. Furthermore, they were under Grogs protection. Grog rallied the remaining forces and charged towards the enemy incursion at full speed.

First to arrive on site was Chorc with a unit of Armoured Battle Troopers, who immediately began the process of cleansing the area. Grog and the Outcasts he had commanded to accompany himself found themselves consistantly slowed by heavy spatial distortions and were nowhere to be seen at the start of the conflict. Also to arrive on site were the loyal Ghar Skitters, which unfortunately found themselves early targets of the enemy guns. Poor poor things, YOU KILLED MY HAMSTERS!!

As the conflict progressed, Chorc in his mighty Command Crawler of Death made every effort to pin down the enemy. Having regained whats left of his sanity, he made an effort not to get too reckless. Meanwhile, the Battle Troopers engaged Boromites on several fronts and found themselves at the mercy of net ammunitions, however to their amazement, the Boromites began launching their primitive Vorpal Charges, which immediately turned on their owners and began tearing up the Boromite forces.

Suddenly, and more surprisingly, the Battle Troopers exploded! The Plasma Amplifiers all overloaded and took out the entire squad, was this an lucky shot, an act of sabotage or something more?. All of this happened, and Grog still hadn’t arrived on site.

Before long the Boromites began retreating, they had managed to retrieve a single odd looking object and had only suffered minimal losses up to this point, but the fact they had been driven back without fully exploring the area was deemed a victory to Grog, who arrived on site after the conclusion of the conflict to find the Disruptor Cannon Team once more, hiding in the bushes.

What prevented Grog from joining in on the conflict? Surely it couldn’t have been petty spatial distortions? And what was going through the Ghar Troopers minds when their reactors went critical I wonder?

Ghar Empire

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