Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Tin Can Alley

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
Old Longy
VS Isorian
Tsan Kiri

The Algoryn prepped for battle against the Ghar, yet their drop capsules met advanced Isorian anti-air batteries on their descent.

9 units, 3 weapon support pods and 3 decoy pods were dropped. It started well with the first decoy being destroyed and giving General Janar a straight run to the lower atmosphere. From there it went south, fast. A support weapon pod was destroyed, followed by the Intrudet Squad and a squad of infliltrators. As most of the pods made lower atmoshphere, a decoy made a landing and temporarily overwhelmed the Isorian defences, allowing the rest of the forces to drop lower. But this proved to be a wasted opportunity, as no pods were able to take advantage and land outright.

When the landings were attempted, the Isorian fire intensified and savagely cut through unit after unit.

In the end only 2 support weapon teams and a Support Weapon Capsule landed on target, smashing into a Light drone and destroying it and landing in close yet guarded positions. General Janar and his bodyguard and a single unit of infltrators overshot the board, landing north and south of the landing area respectively.

The battle was lost before the pods hit the ground, but General Janar let his pride get the better of him and ordered the attack. The Mag Cannon and gun pod were able to rattle a Phase Squad and kill 2 members, but the X Launcher team could not find it’s target. For it’s troubles the X Launcher team was destroyed, with the Mag Cannon team weathering the fire.

In the second turn, General Janar decided to charge onto the board and into the Isorian Command unit. With the General and 3 of his finest against 3 Isorians at close range he thought a victory was assured, but he did not count upon the tenacity of the Isorians. Their commander reacted lightning quick with precision fire, cutting Down on of Janar’s bodyguard before he could return fire. The General’s reaction fire caused a wound but this was patched up by the medical droid.

Close combat then, with numbers equal but the Isorians packing grenades. Ineffectual attacks from the General’s side again, with the Isorians killing the general and 2 of his men. A single Algoryn survived and fled into cover.

The rest of the Isorian forces flooded onto the board, destroying the remaining units. The Algoryn infiltrator squad entered from the South East, causing 3 casualties on a newly entered Phase squad that stood firm.

2nd Turn – The Isorians open fire on the Inflitrators, who go down under Camo drone cover. At this point they decide survival is the only positive outcome for the day, and concede the field to the Isorian General.

Tsan Kiri

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  • Karyle says:

    The commander himself on the field! Looks like a great time

  • Maye Gelt says:

    Great report with picys. Keep up the good work.

  • Old Longy says:

    Thanks! Was very cheap and easy to put together and is awesome for GOA 🙂

  • Flux Flos says:

    Nice scenery you got

  • Tvayumat says:

    I do love a good underdog story. GoA games can really swing on the results of just a few rolls, compounded by good/bad decision making.

  • KiltedTech says:

    Isorians, man. They creep me out.
    Great looking Algoryn collection. Keep up the great work!

  • Cthorn85 says:

    Well put together table! Very nice report and I always appreciate pics to tie it all together!

  • Hey Yella says:

    I wish there was a like button for comments as I would certainly give Dropshort one! Nice report. My first landing went badly too, don’t feel too bad about it!

  • Dropshort says:

    First off, great report. Well done for sticking the game out after the awful results of that drop mini game, from what I’ve seen from other reports that can end a game before it even starts.
    On behalf of the Isorian Senatex I can only apologize for the lose of life you suffered at the hands of our troopers, but you were following the orders of the Concord and its flawed IMTel. We know its flawed because its an obsolete copy of ours, but that’s not the point. I’d like to draw your attention to the great gains the Concord have made in the landing areas, gains I honestly believed have been paid for with Algoryn, Freeborn and Boromite lives. Now that you are on Xilos the choice is yours, die as slaves to the Concord or stake your own claim and forge your own destiny.

  • Zelaponeepus says:

    A noble effort by the forces of the Prosperate. It’s a sad day indeed when you see loyal Vector squads blasted out of the action before deployment may even begin.

  • Zeppomarzimus says:

    My squad of Algoryn arrived in orbit of Xilos a week ago with four squads of Concord. Unfortunately all of these squads are stuck in orbit and have failed to work together in battle against the Ghar! Simply pathetic!

  • Finmirage says:

    Nice report great. I have long suspected those Isorians have something wrong in the head. I mean why on earth would they protect a Ghar defence network, cheesh. It would be best for all if you Algoryn would just join the Concord and then we could focus on defeating the real enemy, which is the Isorians. Embrace the Imtel!

    -Squad leader Finmirage of the Concord Combined Command