Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Victory to the Sentax of the Isori!

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord

The Concord interceptor jetbikes zoomed ahead of the strike teams, little did they know there was a skirmish force of battle hardened Isorian Phase squads waiting for them. The isorians opened fire with their plasma carbines and lances as soon as the bikes came into view dropping two and forcing the last to flee the battlefield. The Concord warriors dug in a returned fire from the forests and cliffs killing 2 warriors from the command squad, but the leader was undeterred and continued forward. The Isorians we able to kill 2 crew from the x-launcher rendering the weapon almost useless none the less the weapon continues to rain down over head fire onto the enemy. The Concord fought bravely from their fortified dense forest cover but in the end it was not enough, the Isorians overwhelming firepower would win the day. The remaining Concord strike troops retreated to safety beyond the canyons. It was a glorious day for the Isori Sentax! The battle for Xilos will continue.


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