Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Screw this

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VS Boromite

After landing and having a relatively easy time of that, even losing most of my units I figured the rest wouldn’t be any harder then that. I was wrong. The second mission said playing less then 1000 points would be hard for the defender and it was right, especially since neither of us saw the part about lowering the threshold for the defenders to 15 build points. Not that it mattered.

Turn one I lost a support weapons drone before it even got to shoot. Lost the other the next turn. Looking back I dont think I used the proper rules for them, when I failed a save I simply removed the drone like you would a troop. My troops held out as long as they could, which amounted to three or four turns when some guys with vorpal charges got close enough to use them. With another squad gone I only had 2 left so was quickly overrun with only 9 build points gained. Hopefully the next mission will go easier since I wont have to defend anything.


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