Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

First Contact

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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite

The diminutive Ghar piolet of battle suite 286 squad F qued up his communicator. “Guard duty is so boring, I need something to shoot at.”
Ghar battle suit 256 replied, “get off the radio you git.. no unauthorized transmissions remember.”
“yea but.. i’m bored.. there’s gota be something.”
“..I thought I said to shut up, your going to get us in trouble.”
“how about wild animals.. we can shoot those right. No one cares.”
“Ugh!.. fine.. check the flitter cams, whatever.. JUST SHUT UP.”
The Ghar piolet flipped on the feed to the flitters buzzing around the jungle.
“You know your the whole reason we are stuck out here on guard duty in the middle of no where.”
“if there isn’t supposed to be anything here why did i just see movement from camera 12.”
“wait what?”
“Yea.. it looked like one of those Boromite things. Those are wild animals we can shoot those right?”
“Ugh! your such a moron, power up your plasma reactor.”

Turn 1. Ghar flitter cams patrolling the jungle pick up a pair of units of boromite work gangs flanking the generator from the
east and west. The Ghar armed with scour cannons are ordered to hold their positions and use their overhead fire to scare the
unit approaching from the west out of cover. A unit of Scutters are sent in to deal with the first squad
while a ghar assault squad move to set up an ambush for the unit entering from the west.

Turn 2.
The assault squad charge from behind a stand of foliage and the boromites on the west choose to run vs fighting close combat Ghar specialists.
unfortunately they run straight into the scour cannons of the unit on the hill defending the generator. With and advantage in
height they mow the unit down. The boromite squad on the east brave
the withering fire from scutter scourer cannons to charge them hoping to pull their pilots out of their walkers by hand. Knowing they are
buying time for heavier reinforcements. Boromite reinforcements enter from the north in an ambush of their own and begin throwing
deadly void grenades at the Ghar combat suits right in their blind spots. Apparently the boromite commander was green and ordered the
grenades up to early as they all miss their target.

Turn 3. Ghar flitters alert the Battle suits of the enemy behind them and they turn and charge in. The suits launch their assault
bomblet grenades and turn the failed sneak attack into bloody ribbons. The surviving boromite trooper runs from the field.
The 2nd unit of boromite reinforcements from the north make a run for the generator. T

Turn 4. The remaining boromite squad launch void grenades and manage to suck a pair of battle suits into their mini black holes.
Scutters returning from their patrol cut down the remaining boromites before they can charge the generator.

Ghar Empire

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