Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Jungle Patrol

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Ghar Empire
VS Boromite

Commander 256 squad leader of Recon unit F looked down at his console and sighed.
“286; two words, Radio Silence.”
“Commander, i’m hungry again.”
“You just ate 2 hours ago.”
“Yea but i’m hungry again, can we go find something to kill.”
Meanwhile: Boromite scouts intercept a powerful radio transmission.
“Sir.. on the radio, sounds like Ghar troops. I can’t make it out, sounds like they are arguing about something.”
Work Gang leader Brok nodded his head. ” They are near by, probably searching for the builder relic we found. Bring up the X-launcher we will use relic as bait and grind their suits to dust with our artilery.”
“With your new unit leader promotion i thought we could just.. you know do a little hunting is all. Besides i haven’t fired my scour cannon all day.”
Commander 256 used his plasma claw to clear some dense underbrush making way through the dense jungle.
“It was only a minor commendation, and one i’m likely to loose if you don’t shut up.”

Turn 1: Ghar units on routine patrol encounter boromite units entrenched in an old set of dusty ruins. Seismic activity is detected but before a warning is given a huge tunneling worm creature emerges from the ground. Some boromites fall into the gaping hole the worm left while others are devoured whole. The boromite commander, undaunted wastes no time in setting up their new X-launcher and begins shelling ghar troops.
Turn 2: Boromite troops now armed with heavier boring machinery fire at ghar battle suits and blow a plasma reactor. Waves of plasma wash over the battlefield but the Boromites were ready and no one was lost. The Ghar troops are pinned down by x-launcher fire.
Turn 3. The tunneling worm attacks Ghar assault troops who survive the confrontation. The strong suit armor withstanding the worms acid attacks. X-launcher fire continues to entangle the other squad of suits and they are ordered to retreat the battle field.
Turn 4. Attack scutters are destroyed by Boromite Vorpal charges and only the commander is left to cover the retreat.
Turn 5. The tunneling worm attacks the commander who valiantly stands his ground. He defeats the worm by snapping its spine in two between the pincers of his plasma claw. However advancing into the ruins with boromites hidden everywhere seems like a poor plan and he retreats to base.


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