Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

We took the high ground for a reason

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Ghar Empire
VS Boromite

“Hey Commander.”
256 looked at his console and rolled his bug eyes. He put his head in his hands for a minute and used them to massage his face.
“Commander, that worm thing was cool.. Did you see the way you chopped it in half. SHNICT! just like breaking a stick!. That was so awsome.”
“286 shut up.. or im gonna come over there and do the same to you.”
“haw haw thats funny commander, hey .. whats for lunch.”
“I have no idea.. whatever ghar 312 thinks up, Get your self back to base and tell them to double the gaurd patrol.”
Boromite work gang leader.
“We finnaly have the upperhand. THis new x-launcher is just the tool we need. lets press the advantage while we have it!” “For the Boromites!”

Turn 1: Ghar battle suits stand watch on a hill overlooking the jungle from the north and south. The only real access points to their hill. Boromite work gangs, high from their sudden victory pursue retreating Ghar troops into the area. They hastily set up their X-launcher behind a rocky outcropping hoping to shell the base and make the cowardly Ghar flee again.
The returning Ghar commander enters from the east, little did the ghar know that his squad was going to return to base via a longer route thus actually putting them behind the Boromite advance. (actually they got lost on the way back due to the plasma distortion from their drives messing up their sensors) The commander finds the x-launcher and prepares to attack.
Turn 2: Boromites ordered to protect the x-launcher at all costs launch vorpal grenades at the flanking ghar suits. One misses and another manages to step out of the way of the rolling ball of doom. Only one suit is lost. Boromites emerge and haphazardly charge the basecamp to be gunned down by battle suits with itchy trigger fingers.

Turn 3: Ghar suits decided the boromites need a taste of their own medicine and switch their multi use scour cannons to bombardment mode. They begin shelling the area with waves of disrupting plasma. The x-launcher defense is still safe however the mercenaries they bought there munitions from had sold them some dud rounds amongst all the good ones and the device malfunctions.
turn 4. By now the boromite charge has haulted due to the hail of fire from the compound and the units are fleeing back to the ruins. The ghar commander is able to hold his ground but is unable to get to the x-launcher as boromite work gangs refuse to give ground.

Ghar Empire

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