Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Mutual Aspirations

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord

In the first epic clash of Antares for our area, the commander Karyle’s Boromite scouting party trudged through a desiccated landscape of ruined buildings and overgrowth, following the trail of an energy signal believed to have originated from the despicable Ghar’s battlesuits. Nestled securely in the center of what would become the conflict boundaries, they discovered the source of the energy signal to be a piece of Ghar technology heretofore unseen by the Boromites, making it all the more valuable. Unfortunately, a scouting force of the Concord must have been tracking the signal as well, and conflict ensued.

Utilizing an area of wooded terrain on the eastern portion of the field, Karyle’s squad of gang fighters and an x-launcher crew set-up to provide an area of cover fire for the remaining Boromite forces to push towards the Ghar energy signal. Led by an unruly squad of lavamites scurrying forward, the command squad followed along the western flank, while a single work gang pushed directly towards the center, mass compactors at the ready.

The Concord forces were few, with the Boromites only able to identify 3 separate units in the rubble across from them, but they were heavily armed. With the Concord having successfully locked down the work gang with a heavy concentration of fire, it was up to the brave lavamites and their lash-equipped leader to engage their lines, while the command squad broke away and moved directly towards the center objective. The lavamites and their controller surprised a full unit of the Concord with sudden and violent conflict, managing to wipe them out in their entirety; unfortunately, the controller and 2 of his lavamites perished in the skirmish, leaving a lone mite to scurry forth to seek vengeance for his brothers.

All the while, the gang fighters and x-launcher crew continued to trade fire with the Concord forces, keeping them pushed back from the Ghar objective… but the Concord were slowly gaining ground. Sensing the inevitable defeat of his forces without his intervention, Karyle and his command crew bodyguards double-timed it forward to join the lone surviving lavamite, crashing into the side of the Concord’s forces. Karyle was incapacitated in the encounter, and his crew (and lavamite) were lost, but their sacrifice bought the work gangers the distraction they needed to get back on their feet and rejoin the battle. Rushing forward in a vain effort to save their commander’s squad, the work gang’s mass compactors were brought to bear against the Concord with devastating effect.

The Concord were cleared from the field, with no survivors remaining. Though it had cost them, the day belonged to the Boromites. They can be certain, however, that attempts at retribution will find them. And worse yet, the conflict drew the interest of other forces in the area…


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