Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Concord forces scour Builder ruins for artifacts, clash with Algoryn separatists with Freeborn mercenaries

Combat Force - 1,000 POINTS
VS Freeborn

Concord committed two combat forces to manning these ruins. Security detail and searching the ruins for artifacts were key points to victory, although much of our mission transferred to defense and retaking valuable intel when enemy forces arrived.

Leading up to this mission, we had communication issues with our Algoryn counterparts. Some diplomatic talks broke down. Freeborn defense contractors were hired to defend the site, which was no surprise. Typical proxy war harassment. We first received a few fly-by shots from sky raiders. We figured it to be some of the more hot-headed houses.

As we combed the ruins, we found a full combat force of Algoryn lie in wait. A total breakdown of our alliance was clear as shots rang out from mounted support weaponry high atop cliffs. They were waiting for us. The deaths of our civilian excavation workers were unfortunately the way to send this message. A full scale battle was under way.

When fighting began, we were almost within a couple hundred meters of each other. Mag and plasma rounds rang out at high rates of fire, spraying over ancient ruins, losing some secrets of the Builders due to careless damage. The Freeborn’s speed had them flank around from the far side of the desert, and IMTel chatter spiked when a C3M4 combat drone hummed over the hill. Luckily, we had taken close cover in vegetation, obscuring our targets from the other Concord forces. When a firing lane was established, the C3D2 medium drone railed shots through the ground cover, exposing its position but getting the jump on the larger target.

Drop troops from the allied Concord force used their grave chutes to advance on the objectives. Our forces continued to move into the Algoryn separatists on the left flank. A priority was keeping the assault troops pinned down away from our strike squads. X-Slings with Slingnet ammo, along with X-Launcher Net ammo proved to be a good non-lethal method of keeping Algoryn at bay. Only a few weeks ago we stood shoulder to shoulder with these soldiers, though, not many stayed their hand. Algoryn suffered heavy losses. With many of our men and women committed to securing relics back to transporter drones, we had a small force left to defend and disrupt the enemy.

The Algoryn and Freeborn secured relics early on, while in the last moments a Freeborn unit engaged Soma-grafts to keep on task under tremendous fire. The Algoryn were able to use their embanked ruins to their advance to escape. Concord forces secured relics from both flanks, although it is reported we lost a vital piece of intel to the enemy. The remaining forces fought incredibly hard for the last relic which was almost at odds between them. It changed hands many times, in bloody close quarters combat. Net ammo forced a infiltrator squad to abandon the relic, even with the help of their camo drone technology. A Freeborn squad charged up the main platform focal point and sustained heavy fire.

In the end, this was a terrible result on both sides. Concord stands with a loss. We lost many men, women, and Builder relics. We can only hope to pull though at our next engagement with more information on our side.


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