Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Algoryn turns Traitor

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VS Algoryn

While on the search for relics on Xilos two concord forces encountered a mixed force of Algoryn and Freeborn mercenaries. Unwilling to give up any of the precious relics located both forces engaged in battle. Maybe it was because of a lack of NuHu presence or a lack of Algoryn high command whatever the case a peaceful solution would not be at hand. Even though the Concord forces would sustain heavy losses three of the precious relics were recovered to be used in the future. The one thing this battle taught our forces though was not to trust alliances made out of convenience.
The Concord forces were prepared for traditional infantry engagements but the Freeborn surprised us all by fielding a C3M4 combat drone. If only Ghurzga had listened to his advisers and brought along a general purpose drone with a subversion matrix. Unfortunately the lessons learned cost much in lives lost.
This was another 4 person game of two teams, two Concord and an Alogryn/Freeborn team.


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