Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Down the Hatch!

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
Dr Automnun
VS Concord
Nacaros Prime

Comander Zabba crouched among the lush vegetation atop the hill, looking down upon the area of contact. Small patches of foliage clumped together amid the surprisingly clear, sloping ground, broken by occasional outcrops of blue-grey rock. Behind him, his bodyguard and personal camo drone hovered ready to serve. A short way to the left, the squad X-launcher waited behind a defensive position, whilst the AI and infiltration squads waited to advance from the flanks and the centre. Zabba looked back down the hill, a predatory smile curling on his lips.
Let the Battle begin!

Turn 1.
The Algoryn won the deployment roll, setting up on the significantly higher ground along one of the board edges, whilst the Concord whelps set up behind defensive cover, the three plasma support drones concentrated around their right flank. The first two order dice went to the Algoryn, allowing him to set up his commander in ambush position, and his single Infiltration team to advance into the centre of the board towards some cover (a rather large and suspiciously glowing outcrop [builder artefact? Only time will tell …]), medic-drone frantically whirring after them.
Then it was the Concords turn. He sent his first plasma drone zooming forwards, triggering the Algoryn commanders ineffective ambush. The plasma drone opened up on the Infiltration squad, who responded in kind. FIREFIGHT! The Algoryn ducked however, but failed to fire straight, leaving both units without a scratch.
An AI squad dashed forwards along the flank, opening fire and destroying the plasma drone, only to have the other two plasma drones zoom forwards and retaliate, slaying three AI, including the squads micro x-launcher.
The Concord targeter probe shard chose this moment to move forwards, flitting over the combatants. Although losing four drones to fire from the other AI squad, the remaining two drones hovered diligently over the flank action. The Concord X-launcher then opened up, fantasticaly missing with a roll of a 1! The Algoryn X-launcher retaliated, and scored a direct hit, taking out the enemy x-launcher!
The turn wound down with the remaining Concord forces advancing forwards, letting off ineffective long range shots.

Turn 2.
The turn started again with the Algoryn gaining the first order dice, who assigned it to the x-launcher. It opened fire on the Plasma Drones, and scored another hit! Another drone taken out of commission!
The next two dice went to the Concord, who set both his infantry squads in ambush. The Algoryn Commander then advanced forwards, firing yet again from long range at the remaining plasma drone but doing no damage. The depleted AI squad then opened up again on the poor, belageuered plasma drone, who retaliated, initiating another firefight! Through a whole lot of lucky rolls, the plasma drone killed another two AI, sending the squad (quiet literally) running for the hills when they failed their break test. All without suffering a scratch. Dratted Concord Tech!
The Infiltration team then chose to open fire, takeing out the Plasma drones spotter, but again not harming the actual plasma drone. Darn, Darn! Several shouted insults are traded between the commanders involved.
The final AI squad charges towards the concord lines, allowing the ambushes to be set off and the Concord command squad to react against them. Again, the AI micro x-launcher is slain, with no further casualties.

Turn 3.
The first dice goes to the Concord, who assign it to the Plasma drone, who, after surviving so much, fails its break test, fleeing the field (loud derisive laughter from Algoryn commander).
The next two dice are for the Algoryn, who fails to hit anything with his x-launcher, and opens fire with his AI squad on the nearest band of Concord strike troopers, killing four and sending them running off the edge of the board. With the help of the nearby targeter shard, the two remaining Concord squads are able to return fire accurately, killing two. The Infiltration team and command squad are then free too rake the other Concord strike squad at will, killing two.

Turn 4 (final turn)
The final round opens with the Algoryn squad landing a direct hit on the Concord command squad, killing all but the commander, who bravely soldiers on, rallying with the next two dice to focus his fire with that of the strike troopers to kill a single AI. The Algoryn commander then sights swiftly down his plasma carbine, taking out the Conord commander, whilst the AI squad takes out the targeter shard and the Infiltration squad cleans up the remaining Concord strike troopers.

So, with much foot stamping and gnashing of teeth on both sides, The Algoryn emerge victorious with eight points to one!

Dr Automnun

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  • Karyle says:

    Very nice write up!

  • Dr Automnun says:

    Thanks. I’ll be sure to add pictures to my next report!

  • Maye Gelt says:

    Good report, nicely written. It is a shame there were no pictures.

  • Cthorn85 says:

    Solid Batrep! Very nice! Good job

  • Flux Flos says:

    Nice report!

  • Flux Flos says:

    Nice report

  • Tvayumat says:

    Fantastically written report! Would be better with pics!

    Longy is correct in that a unit with an order die cannot make a reaction unless it is MOD2, Ambush, or wearing Phase Armor. Also correct on the issue of Drones suffering break tests. Sounds like it failed an order test, but unless that somehow added pins, auto-break would be impossible.

  • KiltedTech says:

    Wow, great report! (Aside from that whole winning against C3 thing…that made me sad.)

  • Dr Automnun says:

    Thanks for the comments!
    In the case of the reactions, I think if you read over it again you’ll find that it was only under ambush orders or no orders that the units reacted, and as for the weapons drone, I believe it did actually suffer an automatic break, although I can’t be sure (NacarosPrime is kind of the rules geareu, and at that point their was an awful lot of muttering along that end of the table.

  • Hey Yella says:

    Nice write, especially since you beat the C3!

  • Old Longy says:

    Nice report!

    Couple of things rules-wise (trying to be helpful not critical!)

    With the reactions, I don’t believe you can react if you already have an order dice… from pg 46 – A unit can make a reaction if it either has no order, if it already has an ambush order, or if it is a multiple order dice (MOD) unit that still has at least one order dice remaining in the dice bag.

    The Weapon Drone that ran away.. pg 44 – Weapon drones, vehicles and humungous beasts that suffer damage on a damage table rather than casualties when they fail a Res test must take break tests as directed on their damage chart. They never test in other situations unless facing an automatic break.