Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

an unexpected encounter

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Flux Flos
VS Concord
Od Zer

The alarm sounds. One Boromite target probe was tricked by movement. This time it was no Ghar.
Overseer Flux Flos did got another problem to solve, Concord scouts may heading for the ventilation shaft.
He and is gang must crossed the perimeter border back to the tunnel entrance to make ready for defense.
Besides Ghar now also Concords roam the surrounding of the objective.

It was an pleasant game tonight against the concord. We did play the Matched scenario 3: an unexpected encounter

Boromites and Concord managed to get 3 victory points each. Destroyed both two units

Fun that net ammo is very effective to pin a squad out of play. The whole game the concord light support drone was out of action because overload of pins. Luckily for the concord not enough for auto breaking. It stands it’s ground.
Another miracle was the survival of the Boromite light support. One crewmember keep going by luck of the dice each turn.


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