Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

Security Detail (Bridgehead)

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VS Boromite

Draegor was starting to get upset. Once again, he was forced to send out part of his force piecemeal, to act as a decoy. He was wondering if High Command had been compromised by the Concord Imtel. Instead of being deployed on some important mission, they kept receiving alternate, side tasks. These were not proper deployments of Prosperate resources. The current orders were a case in point. He was to send out a force to set up a false Transmat Relay, to draw out a group of Boromite pirates said to be operating in the area.

To this end, Draegor dispatched one of his reconnaissance elements, accompanied by a support element. The Infiltration squads arrived on site early, quickly established a perimeter, and deployed some solar charges to cover the gaps in the defense. A Mag Cannon crew arrived, and proceeded to set up the false Relay before emplacing their weapon in a covered position. Just in time. As they were taking up their defensive positions, the Boromite pirates arrived en-masse, almost overwhelming them.

Repelling the initial attack, a signal was sent out to the remaining units of the elements deployed farther out, to converge on the Relay. Two Mag Light Support teams and an AI Squad were quick to respond, opening fire on the Boromites as they arrived. Again the Boromites came at them, compactor fire savaging one of the Infiltration Squads, who managed to stand their ground before being overrun by Lavamites. Incensed, the support teams opened up on the Lavamites and the Boromite commander nearby, pinning them in place as they were whittled away at by the Algoryn weapons. On the other side of the perimeter, the other Infiltration squads were taking heavy fire from multiple Boromite units supported by an X-launcher.

Slowly, two of the support teams started to fall to concentrated fire, then Infiltration squads as the enemy X-launcher kept landing rounds on target. The wounded were ordered to fall back to the evac site as an AI Squad and Mag Light Support Team provided covering fire.

The Boromites managed to secure the Relay as the Algoryns gave up the ground.


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