Battle for Xilos

Beyond the Gates of Antares

The Price of a Mile

Scouting Force - 500 POINTS
VS Concord

Shortly after securing a landing and transmat location on the surface of Xilos, and repelling the scouts of Concord Strike Force Epsilon, the Freeborn Varda Ipsimus dispatched its first salvage teams to the temperate regions of Xilos, forward probes scouting the location of ancient Builder structures in a perplexing array of designs and makeup, the mysterious ruins seeming to shape themselves into forms from the mists of the distant past, even as the forward house guards arrived.

Salvage teams hard at work, long distance probes reported back that a new Concord strike force was on approach to interrupt the delicate operation.

(Game played using scenario 4 from the core rule book, 500 pts modified to 4×4)

Turn 1: Having established three defensive tactical positions, the Varda deployed a pair of light mag support teams in vantage points on either end of the battlefield, with a Vardanari squad entrenched between them in the third position. Their shard responding faster, the Freeborn were able to issue multiple Ambush orders to entrenched troops as the Concord were forced to enter the board behind cover or risk taking fire.

As it was, one squad passed just within LOS of one mag support, taking a pin but no casualties. A Concord X-Launcher team behind deep cover struck back, patching into a nearby spotter drone and attempting to hit the Vardanari with a suspensor net, but thankfully scattering off target.

The two Domari squads that lay in reserve ended the turn by running into defensive positions where the Freeborn line seemed to be in most danger, and the C3’s subverter drone crept closer to Freeborn units.


Turn 2: The X-Launcher, having had time to lay in a targetting solution, fired a second net shot, this time targetting the distant Mag support team that had pinned the strike squad, landing an impressive four pins on the team, forcing a break test, and ultimately forcing the support team Down for the next three turns.

One C3 Strike squad took up position on the second floor of a structure at 30 inches distance from the central defensive position and commenced firing at the Domari on the first floor, inflicting several pins over the next few turns, but few casualties.

Meanwhile the Strike squad that initially took a pin shed that pin and charged forward into a block of buildings to advance block-by-block and avoid taking Ambush fire, while a third crept forward along the side of a structure, trying to get a firing angle but instead triggering Ambush fire that took down one trooper and left the unit pinned.

The Domari took up stronger positions, dashing into the cover of several kinetic barriers.

Coming under fire from the central position’s Domari, the C3 subverter drone creeping ever closer to Freeborn lines.


Turn 3: The battle saw a lull as both forces jockeyed for position, with the Freeborn taking several ambush orders in the absence of good targets, shedding several pins and exchanging light fire with the static strike squad.

After coming under fire, the C3 subverter drone was able to Dash to Cover, and into within 15″ of THREE Freeborn units with buddy drones.


Turn 4: The turn began nearly disastrously, as the C3 Subverter drone activated, triggering three Command tests. One failed on a 10, resulting in the contesting of two Freeborn order dice.

With only three order dice for five units (And one on the table as an Ambush), the choices of which order to give were more important than ever.

The left flank’s light mag support finally found an angle and opened fire on the strike squad creeping along the flank by flipping a stored Ambush order, scoring several hits and dropping the squad’s strength to a single soldier. Seemingly oblivious to the danger, he passed a break test and continued charging the Freeborn position.

The right-side strike squad met their end at long last after exchanging multi-level fire with the rightmost Domari for two turns, as the mag light support finally shed its pins from an earlier net shot, and turned its fire downward into the ruined structure, turning a firefight into a massacre as the heavy mag slugs tore through the C3 hyperlight armor at close range.


Turn 5: With the two charging squads reduced to so much meat by light mag support fire, the remaining Concord Forces broke and fled the field, leaving the Freeborn victorious, and giving their salvagers plenty of time to retrieve their prizes.

Loaded onto suspensor disks, Varda Ipsimus carried the mysteries of the Builders back to their base camp for examination, and to celebrate a second victory over the presumptuous Concord military.


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